Congo – The Painter Chimpanzee

Congo was a Chimpanzee who loved to paint. His hobby made him an international sensation and his paintings also sold at a very high price. He was known to be involved with painting and not leave it until a painting wasn’t completed.

Congo Portrait


This is one of his paintings.



Clever Hans – A Horse Who Could Solve Maths

Most of us dread maths. There is a striking story of a horse named Clever Hans who was trained by a psychologist named Wilhelm Von Osten. He was taught to do many things like :

  • Tell the time
  • Tell the dates of past and coming days.
  • Identify music notes ( because his master was a musician as well ).
  • Understand the German language.
  • And also solve some problems in Mathematics.

This is really mindblowing. This demonstrated that many mammals have sharp intellectual abilities.


Black Jaguar

Black Jaguar. Not many people have seen the black jaguar. For wildlife photographers , their photographs are an ultimate  achievement. Black Jaguar is one of the most elusive creatures on the planet. It is sleek and beautiful, aptly personifying the image of feline family that we have in mind Рcats, lions, tigers, jaguars, cheetahs and leopards.

black jaguar


Let us look at their features – they have a wonderful black colored coat with fine stripes. They are very strong and athletic. These are the qualities that enchant the viewers.

Calico Cats – A Rendezvous Of Colors

Calico cats are famous the world over for their marvelous colors. They have a white coat with black regions, orange regions lovely contrast. They are cats of admirable beauty.


2013-04-27 21_39_04-Calico Cat Personality


They have a strange personality, particularly different from tabby cats ( the most common kinds of cat you see ). Calico cats are the more reserve, more aloof kinds of cats with an aura of superiority. They don’t like to meddle in anyone’s affairs and love to live their own life, unhindered. However, they do like to be loved and taken care of.